Dog Attacks



A vicious dog can cause serious injuries to both children and adults. Unlike many accidents, a dog attack isn’t always over in the blink of an eye, but instead can go on for a period of time. Often once a dog starts to attack, he usually will not stop after just one bite. Victims of dog attacks therefore often suffer multiple lacerations, puncture wounds, or broken bones. In addition to your physical injuries, a vicious dog attack can cause psychological damage and the possibility of contracting rabies. Once attacked, you rarely ever feel completely comfortable around dogs again.

Many dog attacks are preventable. A responsible dog owner should take steps to control and restrain a dog to prevent the chance of an attack. How much an owner must do to control his dog depends largely on whether the dog is friendly and gentle or shows violent tendencies. (Unfortunately, some dog owners encourage their dog’s violent tendencies.) Some dog breeds, like pit bulls, are more commonly involved in attacks than other breeds. But even if a dog owner in the DC area is usually careful, people still make mistakes. I have seen it happen. Dogs break lose from the owner’s grip, or run free from an enclosure, or attack even while on leash. After being attacked by a dog, you may not know what to do, or what legal remedies are available to you.

I can help. If you were attacked by a dog because the owner failed to properly control and restrain a vicious dog, I can hold the dog’s owner responsible for harming you. Contact me to tell me how it happened and I’ll tell you what we can do about it.