Pedestrian Accidents



Pedestrians don’t have airbags, seat belts, or safety cages. So when a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, there is no protection from the impact. Every intersection is a potential conflict zone. The DC Department of Transportation reports that approximately 50% of workers in the District use public transportation or walk to work. This means that on DC streets there is a greater mix of pedestrians and motorists than in most cities.

The law requires motorists to pay attention while operating a vehicle. Especially when pedestrians are nearby, even a moment of inattention is enough to cause a problem. A driver looks away from the road, talks on a cellphone, fails to look for pedestrians when making a right on red, or drives while texting and fails to see a pedestrian. This is how many pedestrians get hurt.

If you were hit by vehicle while crossing the street in DC, Virginia, or Maryland, I can help. I’ll take care of gathering evidence from witnesses and the police, dealing with the driver’s insurance company, helping you understand the process, and presenting your case to a jury. You focus on recovering from your injuries, let me handle everything else.